The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln Essay

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Although Abraham Lincoln is now considered to be one of the greatest presidents of all time, he never received anything near that level of adoration throughout his life. A majority of the country disapproved of his election as president, and the south seceded from the country. Even in the north, where anti-slavery sentiments were common, he still received little support. However, this criticism turned into love soon after his assassination. In the years directly following his death, there was nothing but kind words for the late president. After nearly a hundred years, Lincoln once again became the subject of severe criticism during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Surprisingly, this criticism did not come from white supremacists. Instead, it came from leaders within the pro-black community, such as Malcolm X and Lerone Bennett Jr. After one hundred years of little progress in terms of black rights, activists began to blame Lincoln for not doing enough, just as the abolitionists had during their time. However, the goals of those that criticized Lincoln during the Civil Rights movement differed greatly from the goals of groups during his own lifetime. Although the south made the biggest statement by seceding following the election of 1860, they were by no means the only source of anger. Public opinion throughout the north was mixed at best, and many abolitionists disliked Lincoln. His popularity grew throughout the first few years of the Civil War, but he…

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