The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus Essay

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The following is a book report about: The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus, and was written by, (Cottrell, et al., 2003). This is an eighty-page leadership skill-building book, published by the Performance Systems Corporation in 2003. There are eight main points (Santa Secrets) discussed by the authors in this book and I agree with them all. However, I will attempt to reveal why I agree that to "Build A Wonderful Workshop" is important, discuss one secret ("Listen To The Elves") I see being practiced in my unit, and express how I will spearhead effecting to "Share The Milk And Cookies".

I agree with the authors' idea of "Building a wonderful workshop". This chapter speaks on making our mission our main idea while remembering our
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We had a team meeting to inform the staff of the survey and that the goal was resolution and solution, not further complaints. It was made anonymous, with a deadline, and space enough for the staff to place their suggestions. All of the teammates participated, including the originators. Once we received the completed surveys the data was compiled, and we met with our facility administrator to discuss the results, and how we could effect positive change as a team. These are just some of the examples of how we listen to each other as a team.

To "Share The Milk And Cookies" is one of the "secrets" I will take responsibility for enforcing in my unit. This particular idea speaks to recognition of our teammates through ways other than a mere, "Thank you" or "Job Well Done." One idea I have been pondering since we concluded the above-mentioned survey is to implement an "Employee of the Month." The XXX core values and mission statement will be a couple of ways my teammates and I will determine who the candidate of the month is. There will be a ballot box for the teammates to enter their vote. I will enlist the help of a couple teammates to share in this responsibility and rotate the group throughout the year so everyone has a hand in helping.

When we have tallied the votes I would like to post the employee's picture in a frame out in the lobby where staff and patients can see it, along with a banner stating what they are being recognized for. Another way

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