The Last Samurai : Movie Review Essay

845 Words Nov 19th, 2015 4 Pages
The Last Samurai begins its tale in the year of 1876 in which the samurai and the soldiers of Japan (henceforth referenced to as soldiers) are fighting for two separate things. The soldiers fight because they are ordered to. The samurai under direct control of Katsumoto who is the chief samurai still fights onto the samurai code as well as fighting change that the westerners bring such as clothing, weaponry, and political changes as well. Through the movie Nathan Algren experiences both sides of conflicting ways of thought. He has to help out the soldiers in the first place because he was ordered to by a higher ranking person than he. In these scenarios he is sad, gloomy, and drunk, one could go as far as to say that he was depressed. While a prisoner of war for the samurai Algren is able to see the way of life the samurai live. He then goes on to train, live with, and eat with the samurai in the encampment while there he is happy, calm and serene. In this respect The Last Samurai contrast the two side of new versus old and sympathizes with the samurai. The film leans toward the samurai way of thinking and can understand and respect what they have to offer. Katsumoto is very well respected, in this manner the movie does an excellent job in adhering to the way of the warrior and its customs. Since Katsumoto and his men all fight for the same cause, which is to deny the conflicting thoughts against the samurai, they are a force that not even greater fire power nor can a…

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