Essay about The Language On The Logic Of Language

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Philip’s She Tries Her Tongue, Her Silence Softly Breaks recounts the sexist and racists silencing of the colonized from colonizers. Throughout the book, the narrator struggles with regaining her native language, which has been stripped from her. She lost the ability to feel, think, and speak for herself, focuses on finding power through language. Or anguish presented by Philip in “Discourse on the Logic of Language”. Consequently, she finds strength in both English and Caribbean language, both becomes dependent on each other. Philip also brings to light the importance of women 's roles of being a guardian of tradition.
The persona of Philip’s poems tends to take on a mother’s, daughters or a combination of both roles. Throughout the book, the persona of each poem shifts back and forth. In “Testimony Stoops to Mother 's” tongue the persona shifts backs to a motherly role as the narrator addresses her concerns. This poem highlights the resistance from the colonized. It’s the blueprint for how the narrator is going to reclaim her power with language. The narrator begins to realize her tongue, her words, and her language is a weapon, that would eventually send her free. Similar to other poems in this collection the structure of this poem does not shy away from the postmodern poetry feeling. Divvied up into six different sections, each section tackles how the narrator plans on freeing herself while saving her people.
Part one similar to “Meditations on the Declension of Beauty…

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