The Lais Of Marie De France Essay

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Marie De France is a French author whose work is widely known and respected. The literary world credits her with four works: “The Lais of Marie de France (a collection of twelve short narrative poems not unlike shortened versions of romances), the one hundred and two "Ysopet" fables, a retelling of the Legend of the Purgatory of St. Patrick, and, most recently, a saint 's life called La Vie seinte Audree about Saint Audrey of Ely” (
Looking at her collection of Lais, we know that a lai or lay is a narrative poem, a song, ballad or melody, commonly written in eight syllables with six to sixteen rhymed stanzas. The principal theme of her lais is love. Her poems show different perceptions of love; extramarital affairs, love between aristocrats and servants, love between parents and children, oppressive marriages, emphasis on freedom of desire and the supernatural. Marie’s view on the different types of love shows that they either bring happiness or how they led to sorrow. Ms. De France is the earliest female poet known in France. She dedicated her twelve verse chronicle in the French language to the king, most likely Henry II. She wrote these around c.1160. The following are the name of her lais: Guigemar, Equitan, Le Fresne, Bisclaveret, Lanval, Les Deus Amanz, Yonec, Laustic, Milun, Chaitivel, Chevrefoil and Eliduc. All of these show romantic and magical situations and are relatively short. We will look at several of her lais in this…

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