The Lady of Shalott Essays

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Sean R. Lindsay
English Literature

Mirrored Isolation

The Lady of Shalott illustrates a strong allusion to the depths and cursed nature many poets or artists feel, the way they view themselves within society. Many artists feel restricted or isolated from the society they write about. Within the Lady of Shalott the woman in the tower is forced to view small glimpses of the world, small samples of human life and emotion and turn what she sees into art. Viewing life skewed from absolute reality is a curse of many artists, just as the curse of the Lady of Shalott deals with within her walls of solitude.
The story itself is very straight forward, but the interpretation of the author’s true meaning are entirely up to
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In a time of vast sexual suppression, this poem is perhaps a “mirror” which reflects the life and internal struggle that the author, Tennyson may have felt at the time of writing this. Being what we would consider nerdy or a book worm today it is possible that the poem reflects his own feelings of love and sexuality in a time of very minimal sexual expression. His curse was an inability to choose, his choices where to explore his own sexual conscious and perhaps grow as an artist or to work to attain the means to be what was expected of a married aged gentlemen in his time. The lifestyles he had before him clashed before his eyes, and it shows within his writing.
This apparent indifference to the social standards for sexual morality during the author’s time makes the poem what the struggle we read today. The curse is obviously the social norms which confine the Lady of Chalott within her walls of isolation; the mirror is the way society wants you to view the world, happy, straight forward, without sexual perversion. Yet her weaving artwork is her own, the scenes she creates are how she feels within, without notion of social standards. Both the poet and the Lady of Shalott are prisoners of society, yet through their chosen artistic medium, breathe deep breaths of isolated

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