The Lack Of Control Over Crime Essay

1015 Words Nov 7th, 2014 null Page
Crime has been a daily social issue in our society for many centuries. The lack of control over crime has caught the attention of many researchers and academics who, from decades, have tried to study crime to seek solutions for this social issue. Crime has become an issue of interest to study by many sociologist and criminologist because it affects not only the victims of crime, the perpetrators, their families, but society as a whole. Theories after theories had been previously created to control crime rate and explain its existence, instability, and its links to dependable factors that were increasing the rate of crime among certain ethnic groups and disadvantaged communities. While some theories reasonably explicated their main proposition, not many of the theories at the time had been successful in their goal of controlling crime. They were also unsuccessful on clearly explaining its higher presence among the different social groups and environments. Social disorganization is considered to be a theory created with the purpose of explaining crime, but also to use its research and findings to prevent or control crime and delinquency. Influenced and evolved from research studies and theory called urban ecology done in the 1920s by Robert E. Park and Earnest Burgess, sociologists at the University of Chicago during those years. In relation to ecological theories, social disorganization originated in the 1930s from members of the Chicago school who were studying urban crime…

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