Essay about The Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn

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Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn is presently the UK’s favorite political piñata, getting clubbed from all sides by friends and foes alike. Often described as the party’s “token lefty,” Corbyn in September 2015 capped a meteoric rise from outlier to chief after the incumbent Ed Miliband resigned following Labour’s general election rout. Things have gone pear–shaped since, especially after the Brexit vote where Britons opted to leave the European Union (EU). Staunchly pro-Europe for the last 30 years, Labour’s leadership was apoplectic at Corbyn’s lukewarm campaigning for the “remain” vote and subsequently passed a motion of no-confidence in his leadership.

Corbyn found himself in the firing line again on June 30 after comments linking the Islamic State (IS) to Israel at a party probe into anti-Semitism following the suspensions of Members of Parliaments (MPs) Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone sparked outrage in sectors of the party. In trying to make a point about the fallacy of assigning collective responsibility to a people for the acts of a few, Corbyn explained "Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel or the [Benjamin] Netanyahu government than our Muslim friends are for those various self-styled Islamic states or organizations."

The backlash was swift as opponents angling for his job jumped at the chance to skewer him. Jewish MP, Ruth Smeeth, launched a fierce broadside at Corbyn for failing to defend her when certain participants at the…

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