The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini Essay

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The Kite Runner Analysis Growing up everyone seemed to have that one friend they did everything with. The person who was there from day one ready to go on what every new adventures might be beyond the horizon. For Amir, this person was Hassan. Amir and Hassan were always close till Amir’s betrayal came between them. Throughout the book The Kite Runner there are common themes among many of the characters, not just Amir and Hassan. These themes are betrayal and redemption. Khaled used many literary devices in his book, ones such as parallelism, metaphors, and contrast in order to enhance his writing. In addition to having strong themes the author, Khaled Hosseini, used these different literary devices and stylistic choices to drive home these themes. The Kite Runner begins with Khaled foreshadowing about an event to come later in the book, the exact moment Amir became who he was. This stylistic choice was a great hook to make readers want to continue into the book even farther. In addition to being a great way to intrigue readers, it set the pace for the rest of the book. The foreshadowing allowed for the reader to begin inferring what might happen later on in the book between Amir and Hassan. Amir grew up with a cushioned life in the upper class of Afghanistan living along side his father Baba and their servants Ali and Hassan. Baba was a kind man devoted to charity and helping the needy. With this in mind, he always took care of his servants like family because he too…

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