The Kitchen God 's Wife Essay

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Amy Tan’s novel, The Kitchen God’s Wife, allows the reader to contemplate the true importance of family. In the story, a motherless girl named Weili or Winnie, which is her American name, is raised by her uncle and two aunts and then sent off to marry the abusive Wen Fu during World War II in China. From her time spent with Wen Fu, Winnie grows as a person for the better. When an individual works hard and finds a supportive family, they will be able to achieve anything; for Winnie, this support guides her to learn how to stand up for herself.
Winnie is born into a family with no siblings to share the burden of her life with, but for most of Winnie’s childhood, her cousin Peanut took on a sister-like role even though the two never really liked each other. Later in Winnie’s life, she discovers that Peanut found a way to leave her marriage while she even had the better man to marry. Peanut felt “how easy it [was] to ruin your life with no chance of ever fixing it” (352) while she was in her marriage. This goes to show how a relationship that was destined to be a good one, left wives in a depressed state of mind during this time period in China. Because Peanut had first hand experience of how bad matrimonies could be, she offered to help Winnie escape hers with Wen Fu. This was the first time that Peanut had ever really acted sisterly towards Winnie, but with Peanut’s guidance, Winnie finally had a chance to leave her sadistic relationship with Wen Fu. Without this sisterly bond…

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