The King Of Elizabethan Theater And A Man With An Entire Structure Of Poetry

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William Shakespeare, often thought of as the King of Elizabethan theater and a man with an entire structure of poetry named after him, has had his works closely studied for many years. There are many different people who have looked at his works though many different lenses and looked for many different things, but one thing that keeps popping up in many of his works is a fascination with sexuality and gender. Once people started noticing these themes in his works, it attracted a new kind of Literary Criticism; this one based in the study of Gender and Queer theories. One particular play, As You Like It, uses the confusion of gender identity and how it translates homosexual desire as main themes. As You Like It is a pastoral comedy that was written between 1598 and 1600. In it, several young people take to the forest of Arden for shelter and in this forest manage to find romance. The main character is Rosalind who is exiled by their usurper Uncle. Their cousin Celia goes with them as well as their friend and court jester Touchstone. While in the forest, Rosalind disguises themself as Ganymede, a young man who is a brother to Celia’s persona Aliena. Not only does Rosalind flow between the two personas seamlessly throughout the play, but Rosalind and Ganymede are beacons for homosexual desire. This desire is manifested in Orlando (Rosalind’s love interest) and Celia (Rosalind’s cousin). While this desire is a huge part of Ganymede’s significance, the most important…

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