The Killing Cycle By Alfred Leslie Essay

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Art has a fascinating ability to influence, develop and transform individuals. Artistic tactics used in various works of art, including paintings, film, sculptures and drawings have the potential to connect ideas and traditions to individuals around the world. A study of art culture and history, art criticism, studio aesthetics, all uniquely contribute to cognitive development by providing individuals with opportunities for multiple ways of learning, and means for self-expression. A particular piece that effectively portrays complex ideas by the use of creative methods is Morning Light, which is the last component of a seven piece series (The Killing Cycle). Alfred Leslie, the artist of this oil on canvas, 72 x 192 inch work of art, is a renowned artist of the Abstract Expressionist Era. This era was especially prevalent during the mid 20th-century that keenly focused on emotional expression. Alfred Leslie strategically uses size, color, scenery, and text in his piece Morning Light to effectively convey how the moralistic choices each individual makes determines the road of life they travel on, and consequently these choices progressively form moral landscapes.
The most obvious artistic element observed when looking at Morning Light is the enormous size of the canvas. Creating a piece that is over six feet tall is not an accident; Leslie intentionally did so as a mechanism to highlight the drastic affects our moralistic choices have on our lives. The largeness of the…

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