The Key Factors Of Our Patients Challenged Life Essay

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Perform in of this paper analyzes Asian of this paper I will cover the key factors of our patients challenged life. The first issue I will discuss is our patients homelessness. And the case study population is homeless because she does not feel comfortable in her home because of past situations that has went on between her and her family. In some ways she has felt that she can do bad all about herself. In a way, a patient feels that she is better off as homeless instead of being in the home just to be safe. She has a septic that being in the household is not good for her life and will rather be home was instead of being in the household because it is very unstable. This could be a big problem because she puts her life in danger, and also puts herself in a worse situation when it comes to living on the streets. Patient is exposed to way more substances and negative living as a result of not having a stable household to be a part of. As a result of a patient being homeless, she is subjected to drug use at all time high. The drug use was a consequence that resulted of being homeless as well as being subjected to the street life. In some ways our client views this as a normality. Continuous drug use in a recreational state is never good for anybody subjected to domestic problems because they use it to self medicate pain. The continual drug use is also used as a result of life problems outweighing a clients willpower, self esteem, and self-confidence. In an early result of our…

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