Essay on The Key Elements Of Success

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What is a leader? How do we create a strong leader? Who can be a leader? A leader is defined as “ 1.a person or thing that leads. 2. A guiding, or directing head, as of an army, movement, or political group.” ("The definition of leader", 2016) To become a strong leader, one must encompass several key elements of success. The steps and rules can be elementary to most, but some find difficulty in completing the task of leadership. There has to be fire and desire inside of ones soul to become an effective and desired leader. Consequently, a principals responsibility is to cultivate, support and ultimately developed strong capable leaders.

As a school principal it is my responsibility to find raw talent and sift the diamond out of the ruff. When a teacher or administrator has caught my eye; I am charged to help mold talented staff into leaders if they desire to move up to new levels.

Once I have identified staff that I would like to integrate to my leadership, I will start the training process. To ensure a democratic selection process, I will also have open applications and interviews. The positions will be open to everyone. My desire is to uncork some talent, that I may have not seen; and has the aspiration to lead. To ensure a non-biased experience, all interested applicants vetted or not will fill out applications and interview for open leadership positions.

In order to get the candidates up to standard for the interviewing process, we will implement training…

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