Essay on The Kamasutra

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Daisy Quevedo
Professor Bonaparte
English 1020
February 8, 2011
The Reality of the Kama Sutra The Kama Sutra was written in 2nd century C.E. by Mallanaga Vatsyayana. It is believed to be the primary text written on human sexual behavior, spirituality, love, and marriage. Most people perceive the Kama Sutra as a solely sexual book with a million different sexual positions, but it is so much more than that. The Kama Sutra combines sex, love, and spirituality all in one and explains how one cannot be in balance without the other. It states that humans are sexual beings from birth until death and that we should embrace our natural instincts together with our religion (preferably with a loved one), and understand how important our
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The Man is allocated into three classes: the hare man, the bull man, and the horse man. The woman is a female deer, a mare, or a female elephant. This basically means that each person has a counterpart and not everyone is compatible. “Men and women, being of the same nature, feel the same kind of pleasure, and therefore a man should marry such a woman as will love him ever afterwards.” There are six parts in the Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana that which cannot be all included in this research paper. The parts skipped are: Part III: About the Acquisition of a Wife, Part IV; About a Wife, Part V: About the Wives of Other People, and Part VI: About Courtesans. The final part is the shortest subject in the Kama Sutra; Part VII: On the Means of Attracting Others to One’s Self. At the beginning of the first chapter in Part VII it states that “when a person fails to obtain the object of his desires by any of the ways previously related in the other parts of the Kama Sutra, he should then have recourse to other ways of attracting others to himself.” Vatsyayana provides substantial information on [tonic medicines] herbs, plants, oils, animals, and other things found in nature that makes one attractive and lovely in the eyes of the opposite gender, especially if they lack the obvious qualities of good looks and youth. It continues with tips on how to enlarge a man’s lingam (penis), and also tips on personal care and hygiene for women

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