The Justification Of Their Actions Essay

1999 Words Nov 16th, 2016 8 Pages
Due to the recent election, many citizens have begun to speak out and protest against the results. As a consequence of Donald Trump’s victory, the country has arguably become more polarized than ever. Upon Trump 's victory, non-Trump supporters started to channel their rage and confusion and began storming out in protest. These people began to fight back against the result and consequently they began to protest their own government. Were they right to do so? The justification of their actions is interesting because the answer one gives in response can also be seen as a statement of how they view their ideal society. Is it better for people to fight for what believe in or is it better for them to submit in the name of peace? If one sides with the protestors actions then they believe in a society that values individualistic actions and beliefs. If one sides against the protestors then they either believe in trumps values or they believe that it is necessary to yield one’s individualism for the greater good. Focusing solely on those opposed to Trump the second option will not be discussed leaving essentially an argument between individualism and collectivism. So which society is the better choice? Is it an individualistic one where people are free to say and do as they see fit or is it one where citizens are willing to set aside their personal beliefs in exchange for peace? The answer is neither, neither of these systems is the ideal society, instead an ideal society is one…

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