Essay on The Justice System Of The United States

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The justice system in the United States is a huge industry. In 2015, there were over 13 million adults arrested. Also in 2015 there were 1 million juveniles arrested. This means that a large part of the justice system focuses on the handling of juveniles. Despite the fact that the rate of juvenile arrests has declined by as much as 65% from 1996 to 2014, the rate is still high. For every thirty three juveniles, one was arrested in 2014. This is a large contrast to 1996, where one in every twelve was arrested (Juvenile Arrest Rates). Even though juveniles only make up a small portion of the cases that enter the justice system each year, they can be very long drawn out cases and be incredibly controversial. Michigan is no exception to this. The legislation regarding waiving of juveniles in the Michigan Court system has been a large focus among elected officials, persons hoping to be elected, and political activist groups. The controversiality of this issue stems from many sources, many citing the issues of child development, the lack of treatment programs for adults, the dangers to minors in prison, and labeling them as criminals. Some proponents of waiving juveniles believe that it deters other juveniles from committing crimes and brings justice to their victims.
One of the largest focuses of opponents to waiving juveniles into the adult court system is theories regarding child development. The human brain does not finish developing fully until the age of 25 (Understanding…

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