The Justice System And The Crime System Essays

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There is an extremely thin line that the justice system tip toes on when they are persecuting criminals. The justice system has to make sure that the proper justice is served without infringing on the criminals natural rights. Figuring out how to punish a criminal can be difficult task because no matter what the crimes they have committed cannot be undone. The damage that the criminals have caused to people by the crime they have committed such as: fraud, theft, domestic violence, battery, assault, abuse, molestation, rape, murder, etc. will not be erased; it will be with them for the rest of the victim’s life. Then not only does the crime effect the victim’s life it will also affect their families and anyone else involved. Then there are cases that throw justice system through a loop when a criminal confesses, it leaves the justice system to figure out if the criminal should be punished as severely as they were originally going to do. Depending on the severity of the crime that the criminal committed, if the criminal were to confess and show honest regret for what they did than it should be taken into account for when they are being prosecuted. However, if the crime that was committed was horrendous such as rape, molestation, murder, mass murder etc. then it should not matter whether the criminal confessed or not. When determining a criminal’s, who committed a horrendous crime, fate; the judges are faced with a double edged sword decision. If the criminal is sentenced to…

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