The Jungle By Uptown Sinclair Essay

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Uptown Sinclair’s novel The Jungle (02/26/1906), emphasizes that capitalism destroys the American values and views. Sinclair argues this claim, following the life of a Lithuanian immigrant family and the struggles they encounter in a foreign capitalist land. The authors’ purpose is to persuade individuals to conform from Capitalism to Socialism in order to obtain equality for the entire nation. At the time of publication, Sinclair’s intended audience are those who have firsthand experience with dealing with the capitalist government during this period. Reading The Jungle was a very eye opening experience. Many of the battles young Jurgis and his family fought through, are still being fought to this day. Traveling to America to achieve riches or “The American Dream” was quite common. While reading the first few pages, Sinclair captured my attention with the fanciful description of the wedding feast and festivities. The description of the musician playing, the children playing, and the open heartedness of the host portrays a feeling of great pride. Despite the circumstances of being in a foreign area with new people they preserved their beautiful familial traditions. Jurgis and Ona’s love story is rather interesting to read and pulls on the heart strings. Valiantly fighting to honor his wife, Jurgis character sets the tone for the novel. Watching him go from a strong, healthy, young man with good values to a begging, dirty, thief is a story on its own. Although sad the…

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