Essay on The Journey Of The Magi

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“The Journey of the Magi” by Thomas Stearns Eliot and ‘A Found Poem’ by Seamus Heaney are both poems that explore the overarching notion of belief and struggle. Eliot’s poem pursues the expedition that the Magi experienced through the description of their hardships, skepticism and physical battle against the elements. On the other hand, Heaney’s poem depicts the internal struggle that the poet himself experienced and the yearn for a religious identity. Both poets employ numerous techniques to narrate their stories, ideas and themes.

Eliot’s poem, ‘The Journey of the Magi’ is a narration of the magi’s journey to witness the birth of Jesus Christ. This poem accompanies the journey that the magi experienced, from the perspective of one of the magi. Eliot reveals to his audience the unheard and unseen side of the famous biblical tale, through his poem. The poem is predominately a complaint regarding the journey, which was miserable and tedious, however approaching the end of his poem it becomes a reflection of the former journey and the change yet to come. The stanza’s of the poem can be elucidated as; stanza one-travel and hardship, stanza two- arrival and looking forward and stanza three a recollection and reflection.

Meanwhile Heaney’s text is a reflective poem. It describes the internal hunt for one’s religious identity. This poem is pedestaled upon the composer’s personal experience. In comparison to Eliot’s poem, Heaney propounds a personal voice as opposed to a…

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