The Journal Of Criminal Psychology Essay

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I accessed this article through the Chadron State College Library. Brion Sever produced the information in the article, his information was found through information and research from the Salem Press Encyclopedia of Science. The article is very credible because it has been peer-reviewed by other professionals of that topic and it has graphs throughout the paper, which makes the information in the article reliable. Secondary sources are used throughout the article, these sources helped me to find how investigators solve suicides. This article discusses how suicides are investigated. This article was very helpful to me, it allowed me to support my points throughout my paper with credible information. It showed me how investigations are conducted and how investigations are done.

I went to Google Scholar and typed it in and in result I found a PDF from Journal of Criminal Psychology. Marina Sarno and Vincent B. Van Hasselt produced the information in the article, the information was found through research from the Journal of Criminal Psychology. This article is very credible because it is a scholarly journal with scholarly information, the author did plenty of research on this topic and is very well knowledgeable of this issue. The source that I used for my article is a secondary source. My source explains warning signs of suicide by a cop, successful and unsuccessful approaches to solve the issue. Different strategies are defined in this article as well. This was very useful…

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