The Issues Of Secretary Hillary Clinton And Mr. Donald J. Trump

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With the 2016 Presidential elections coming up right around the corner, the date of November 8th continues to flush dread into the hearts of the voters. Considering the almost equally divided voter pool and two equally disliked candidates, the nation is contemplating some of the biggest issues of present day society as a means of distinguishing between the two opposing arguments. Nevertheless, there is one issue that Secretary Hillary Clinton and Mr. Donald J. Trump agree on: income inequality is a titanic issue in the United States of America. Despite agreeing on the problem, Clinton and Trump provide several different solutions that are as opposite as white and black. In a state of indecision, we must look towards eastern philosophy in order to talk about inequality, and who is there better suited for the job than Jean-Jacques Rousseau? As David Wootton PhD. once said: “It is scarcely worth reading Rousseau if we want to understand eighteenth-century politics, either before or after 1789, but it is certainly worth reading his works if we want to understand ourselves and our own politics” (Wootton ix). Rousseau wrote extensively on inequality and the origin thereof, and can provide comprehensive insight we can use to make an informed decision on the daunting problem of unequal income. Before delving further into the subject, it is important to describe what the stance of each presidential candidate is. To begin with Secretary Hillary Clinton, we must acknowledge that…

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