The Issue Of Voluntary Euthanasia Essay

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Suffering is inevitable in human existence. However it is unwritten human morality that it is unethical to cause or prolong human suffering. Why then, when this suffering has become unbearable, should a person not allowed to end their pain? In various nations the practice of euthanasia is highly illegal and any person that assists in ending another person’s life can be charged with murder. These laws are heavily based in religious ethics. However in contemporary society that is moving away from the traditional religious views is it still moral to maintain such religion based laws and ethics? Or is it time to take on a more utilitarian belief, especially in accordance with the issue of voluntary euthanasia? Is human life truly so sacred or should we be allowed waved our right to life if we wish to end it?
Utilitarian Philosopher Peter Singer has a very firm view on the ethics of euthanasia and he believes that “it is worse to deny voluntary euthanasia than to provide it.” (Singer, Peter. 1993). He also believes that “…process of voluntary euthanasia can be accepted without dismissing the sanctity of human life”. Utilitarians believe in maximising people’s “Utility” and how to maximise pleasure over suffering and Peter Singer applies this to his views of euthanasia. In this essay the views and argument of Peter Singer will be outlined in relation to the topic of euthanasia. His argument will be critically analysed and compared with the views of competing theorists.

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