The Issue Of Under Florida Law Essay

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Issue: Under Florida law, can a cause of action for conversion be brought when an individual unlawfully takes property owned by the true owner, even if the property has no actual value?
Rule: A cause of action may be brought when an act of dominion has been wrongfully asserted over another 's property inconsistent with his ownership, even if the specific property converted has no actual value. In the precedent case Warshall v. Price, Appellant, Dr. Steven Warshall, began a private practice in Palm Beach in 1978. In 1984, Warshall hired Price, also a cardiologist, for an employment span of four years. Two weeks prior to the conclusion of the agreed upon employment duration, Price informed Warshall that he intended to terminate the employment relationship between the parties. However, prior to the conclusion of his employment with Warshall, Price obtained a patient list from Warshall 's office, which contained patients ' personal information, including names, phone numbers, insurance information, and dates of treatment. Upon leaving Warshalls ' practice, Price opened his own firm and used the list, which he was not authorized to have, to solicit more than 300 of Warshalls ' patients to have their records transferred to Prices ' newly-opened office. In 1988, Price brought suit against Warshall for bonuses he never received while working for him, and in return, Warshall counterclaimed for conversion of the patient list, conversion of checks held by Price, and breach of a…

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