The Issue Of Reproductive Rights Essay

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Introduction Reproductive rights are not now, or have ever been considered a human rights issue, although the mainstream reproductive rights agenda has neglected and continues to neglect this key issue. Reproductive rights include the access to information regarding reproductive health, as well as autonomy in sexual and reproductive decision-making. In addition, one has the right to not be subjected to ill-treatment, and has the right to determine the number, spacing, and timing of one’s children. Though reproductive rights are considered universal, indivisible, and undeniable, this has not been true in regards to black women. The denial of this basic human right has no doubt had lasting societal effects.
Historical Implications

It has been demonstrated throughout history that the denial of black reproductive autonomy serves the interests of white supremacy. This has been revealed first during the period of slavery where slave owners controlled slave women’s capacity to procreate more slaves and ultimately deny these women their rights as mothers. Transitioning to the 1920s through today’s time, efforts to control the population have been in practice by impacting low-income women reproductive rights. These efforts are specifically aimed at low-income black women, who are commonly viewed by the majority as lazy, hypersexual “welfare queens,” who are simply a burden to society. As mentioned, the story of black reproduction begins with the experiences of slave women.…

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