Racial Profiling In America

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The topic of racial profiling among minorities in America has been an impassioned and tempestuous affair for the last century. Racial profiling is defined as the use of ethnicity for the grounds of suspecting someone of having committed an offense (Wikipedia). In history, unjust federal and local laws have targeted minority groups, and have been a major issue in recent years. Until now, actions have been taken through protests and brought to the public’s attention.
Many police departments, bureaus, and agencies have a variety of accusations and grievances of racism. These agencies have been the basis of events in law enforcement worldwide. We as a society should grow from these idiotic examples of human behavior that prevent civilization
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While laws and public opinion regarding slavery differed from state to state, and person to person, one thing is certain. It was ever a controversy, stirs up emotion in people lives even today, and we are still suffering from its impacts.
Duvall Young“Racial Profiling; African American History”December 15, 2014
These practices of racial profiling began post-reconstruction, and are still an issue in today’s society. The term itself “Jim Crow” was slang for a black man (cite). It was understood to define set rules and regulations for blacks. These laws had the idea of white supremacy in mind.
In the 1890s, racism appealed to whites who feared the thought of blacks taking their jobs, and prospering in life. Examples of these laws could exist anywhere, in schools and in many communities. The African Americans during this time did not just sit around and take this oppression. They started protesting and rebelling which became known as, the Civil Rights Movement. The
Civil Rights Movement was a series of protest and events with the intention to abolish racial segregation. Also, the Civil Right Movement had the goal of abolishing racial
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The 1960s brought forth great leaders such Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. After the
Civil War ended in 1865, many black people were quick to inform white people that they are ready to do things their way. African Americans started to reunite with families and wanted to start a new living by owning land. Congress, but mostly Radical Republicans, tried to use the
Freedmen’s Bureau to readjust southern plantation lands to blacks in order to put them on more equal with white farmers. During the last decades of the 1800’s, life for southern blacks was harsh. By 1880, most blacks had become sharecroppers who essentially rented land from their former masters. Even though most former slaves actually preferred the sharecropping system increase wage labor, it kept the bound to their white landlords in essential slavery.
Duvall Young“Racial Profiling; African American History”December 15, 2014
While slaves thought this wasn’t right, the presidential Reconstruction was all in the hands of Andrew Johnson. Johnson and white southern wanted to stop Radical Republicans for their attempts at protecting black’s rights. When he saw it did not have any effect on them,

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