The Issue Of Immigration By Sonia Nazario Essay

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Enrique’s Journey illustrates a strong argument on the issue of immigration that is cleverly hidden in the binding of the narrative novel. In effect, Sonia Nazario is able to extend her arguments with a higher degree of success by appealing to emotion more so than logic. Her use of pathos significantly outweighs any arguments grounded on logic, therefore she inherently establishes a persuasive text that encourages the audience to avoid objectivity and read the book through a lens of emotion. More so, the humanization of the issue of immigration by establishing empathy with Enrique and the various sub-narratives in the book add to the emphasis placed on creating a persuasive text rather than a balanced and informative nonfiction book. Photography is prevalent throughout the book, yet the images overwhelmingly agree with Nazario’s opinion on immigration. Additionally, she uses mostly partisan sources and purposely includes her opinions on immigration throughout the text. As a result, the book fails to meet any requirements to be an expository text on illegal immigration. Sonia Nazario is successful in tendentiously using Enrique’s Journey to persuade the audience to have an unbalanced and emotional affinity towards illegal immigration.
Nozario is effective in captivating her audience because she humanizes the issue of immigration. She is able to humanize the illegal immigration debate by introducing Carmen, the housecleaner, in the Prologue. Carmen is a character most…

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