Essay on The Issue Of Free Speech

1875 Words Nov 30th, 2016 8 Pages
For every coin, there are two distinct sides. Sadly, UC Davis, like every other college in the US, has had the same problem with Free Speech. On one side, many of the people who attend or work at their campus want to be able to speak their minds freely without being harassed or chastised. For them, being able to say whatever they want is a right that should not be limited by policies and restriction, while, for others, there should be a limit to what people can say. By specifying what students and professors shouldn’t say, these people are protecting themselves and others from possible harassment and chastisement, which include racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. While it’s understandable for colleges to allow their residents to use an unrestricted vocabulary so they talk more freely without the fear of breaking any social rules, it is also reasonable for them to side with organizations and groups, like UC Davis, who use speech policies to make environments that are organized and show how students and faculty should act around others.
At Davis and other universities, this divide can come in many forms. On the side of pro-free speech, students and professors are afraid that policies will limit how they talk and the subjects they can talk about in the classroom. By restricting topics like racism and sexism through social policies, colleges may keep students from actually learning and understanding what makes them so despised. Unfortunately, this total freedom of speech…

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