The Issue And Its Relevance Of Women 's And Gender Studies Essay

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Description of the issue and its relevance to Women’s and Gender Studies Every month, the female body undergoes a process called menstruation. Menstruation is when the lining of the uterine wall sheds, leaving the body through the vagina in the form of blood and often clumps of tissue. This is how the body prepares for ovulation, which is when a woman is most fertile. Though this is a normal experience for women, there is a lot of issues surrounding menstruation. It is often viewed as disgusting and unclean. Even tracing back to biblical times, women were made to leave their villages during their periods because they were considered tainted. Because of this belief, women are often demonized and mistreated because of their periods. This has an effect on how men view women, and on how women view themselves. The main issue is that people, typically men, do not understand what actually occurs during a period. There are hormonal changes, high amounts of pain, and a lot of discomfort. It is understood that this is something that women cannot control, yet women are still made out to be at fault.

Research question: Is menstruation demonized and misunderstood by the general population?
Thesis statement: Menstruation is an inevitable part of life for women, yet there is a massive stigma and a lack of understanding surrounding the issue.

Key arguments:

Menstruation is not easy. This is not understood by men, as they do not have to go through it. The reality of periods…

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