The Islamic Religion Of Islam Essay

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The Islamic Religion
What is Islam? Islam is a religion theory based on faith followed by Muslins. Who are Muslims? Muslims are the people who practice the Islamic religion; they believe in one God and his last prophet Mohamed. Although, Christianity is the largest religion in the world, Islam which is usually referred to as "submission to God" (Quran ch. 3; vs.19) is growing fast and has reached 2nd place. Despite the fact that, there is a controversial opinion about Islam going in the United States due to terrorism, there still many people that follow the Islamic religion around the world. Since, Islam is an interesting religion that is growing faster than normal, I have decided to learn more about the origins of Islam, how the practice of Islam differ in places and why Islam is growing so fast in the world. First of all, the Islamic religion started longtime ago when the prophet Mohamed received the instruction from God to write the Quran. The Quran is the holy book of Islam. Since God has different names in different religions although for most people he is the same God; God is called Allah in the Islamic religion. However, for the Muslims, Islam religion begins when God created the world and our first parents (Adam and Eve.) Our first parents were living in a quiet and peaceful environment until the devil tempted them and make them disobeyed God. God got mad and through Adam and Eve outside of Paradise. The Prophet…

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