Essay about The Is The Music Man Put On By American River College

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The event I attended is The Music Man put on by American River College (Williams, 2015). Not only was the play put on by the actors and actresses, but also three sign language interpreters interpreted the event. Several members of the audience were Deaf. Furthermore, theater and dance viewpoint will be used to analyze The Music Man (Ramey, 2015). In the play The Music Man some elements of Aristotle’s tragedy can be used to look at the play (Ramey and Williams, 2015). The theme of patriotism can be seen in thought, diction and song in The Music Man.
The elements of tragedy that 's will be used throughout this essay are thought, diction and song (Ramey 2015). First, the play’s viewpoint or the schema it presents is called thought. Thought is the play’s argument. Aristotle’s second element of tragedy that will be discussed here is diction. Diction refers to the language of the play. This play used rather old fashioned language similar to the kind used during the 1912(Williams, 2015). In addition, three sign language interpreters translated the play to ASL (American Sign language) contrary to what countless people believe, ASL is a separate language from English with its own grammar, syntax etc. The third element of Aristotle’s tragedy is song (Ramey 2015). The play The Music Man is a musical. An orchestra pit was filled with an orchestra played exquisitely. The actors and actresses on stage sang numerous solos and choir renditions. Song was definitely incorporated throughout…

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