The Is The Ideal Choice For Outliers Essay

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As the text progresses Gladwell’s diction remains cordial and incredibly conversational. The continued usage of informal language perfectly suits the older teens and adults that Gladwell is addressing. Gladwell essentially adopts the role of the teacher which is why relaxed language is the ideal choice for Outliers. While elegant prose would be incredibly euphonic, by using simplistic language Gladwell is able to ensure that his audience will be able to easily understand his definition of success. For instance, when Gladwell writes that “but as is so often the case with outliers, buried in that setback was a golden opportunity” his use of the word “golden” harbors warm connotations which help to convey the positive impact of opportunities upon success while concurrently explaining the complex nature of success in simpler terms (Gladwell 124). By utilizing simplistic language, which is easy to understand, Gladwell is able to adopt the role of a teacher to better aid his students, the audience, in understanding the multiplex existence of success. Gladwell continues to rely on the same modes throughout the middle of the text primarily because his purpose has not changed. Since Gladwell is attempting to educate his audience of older teenagers and adults on what he considers to be the true definition of success he must become a teacher and in doing so he chooses to adopt two highly important tools of education. The modes of cause and effect and compare and contrast serve as…

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