The Is A Metal? Essay

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When mother sends me on my missions I have to look for certain things. Anything shiny or metallic, any boards or signs, and anything edible. I have to look for the metals because mother can turn certain metals in for coins she uses to buy us food because often times by the time I get to the newer throw aways most of the edible food is gone. I must look for boards or signs because as we my sister and I grow we need more room so by having more supplies makes it so that when it gets too crowded with our neighbors or in our fort we can easily move and not be bothered. Often times when mother sends me to get throw aways I go with this boy. We never really have shared our names we just started savaging together one day, helping each other, we carry an equal amount then when we are done we split our findings equally. The most we say when we were together is “does that look like its fine?” or “is this a metal?” Until a few mornings ago. He had asked me if we should start our own shack. Sharing a shack was a lot to think about. So at the end of that day we went on our own ways and didn’t speak of it again. The next day we were both very tired so decided that we should learn some things about each other. That day I learned many things about the boy such as his name was Pratik, and that he was one year older than I was. While we talked and learned, about each other’s families and why our families were here, on a hill overlooking the growing community we started moving the trash…

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