The Is A Common Solution For Social Issues Essays

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(33) Growing up as a Latino male in the United States, I was presented with many social conflicts that had the possibility to hinder my future success as an individual. Looking back at my own childhood, I have come to understand that still to this day, many immigrant teens lack the presence of their parents throughout their development from a teenager to an adult. Though it can be argued, that a parent has a moral responsibility to assure that their child grows up as a law abiding citizen; one who sees deviancy and crime as wrong, the fact of the matter is that many times immigrants family must work multiple jobs paying at minimum wage, to barely sustain their families and stay afloat. The term “where are the parents?” is a common solution for many social issues; for gang violence, drugs, and acts of deviancy, society judges the parents for not doing the right job in the upbringing of their child. Though it is true, that perhaps a parent has s moral obligation to teach their child right from wrong, things such as socioeconomic status, neighborhood violence, and the associations or relationships a child engages on, are all root causes for why many kids end up diverging from the right path. I stand strong to the idea, that a person does not just engage in deviancy; or that “where are the parents” are an explanation for many social issues. Rather than accepting this idea of blaming parents, I see many of the different sociological issues as root causes for many of our problems.…

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