The Iranian Revolution Of Iran Essay

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Name, date and location of Revolution: The Iranian Revolution in Iran starting in, September, 1978, and ending in February, 1979.

Who Revolted?: The citizens of Iran revolted against the Shah 's police when the shah “alienate the clergy” thus taking away religion and pushing a westernized culture on a population that was 99% islamic (BBC). Many the women and youth revolted against the Shah.The Iranian women revolted, because they were against the veil. The government made them wear the veil because they believed that the hair made the men lust after them. So the women revolted and protested because they wanted to stand up for themselves and have freedom and they didn 't want to be pushed around. Once there was a woman killed in iran. She was shot “blood pouring from her mouth and then across her face”(wright). It was never confirmed who shot the woman who was referred as Neda Farsi. The youth was also an important contributor to the revolution, “Young activists have heavily influenced the Islamic Republic’s political agenda”(Nesvaderani).

Why did they revolt?:There are many perspectives and accumulating issues prior to the Iranian revolution giving a further explanation on why such actions were taken, during the time among the citizens of iran, there were feeling as if western culture was be enforced heavily by the Shah, which started as Reza Shah and later his son Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, later referring to them and their supporters, people began to feel as if there was no…

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