The Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison Essay

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Beneath the Surface Did you know this novel written by Ralph Ellison in 1952 called “Invisible Man,” won the National Book Award in 1953? The main character refers to himself as "an invisible man” (Ellison 3). “It is told in the first person and is divided into a series of major episodes, some lurid and erotic, some ironic and grotesque” (Prescott 1). This book describes the “racial divide and tells unparalleled truths about the nature of bigotry and its effects on the minds of both victims and perpetrators” (Ellison Cover). He describes his criticism and how he was viewed by others. “Paradoxically, is simultaneously too visible, by virtue of his skin color, and invisible, in that society does not recognize him as a person but only as an aggregation of stereotypes” (Strauss 1). He lived in New York City as an upstanding young black man. “Ellison 's use of invisibility as a metaphor extends beyond the issue of race” (Strauss 1). As Ellison describes, humanity of a black man is racially divided and not equal. He tells his story from the safety of an underground hole coming to the realization that the end is the beginning. “The individual journey of the Invisible Man can represent the larger American experience” (Dykema-VanderArk 1). Not every race is seen as equal, not even today. The tone of this novel is moving. Illuminating the experience from an African American’s point of view. History repeats itself. Racial discrimination continues to show its visible side. On the…

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