Essay about The Invisible Man And African American Lifestyle

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The Invisible Man and African American lifestyle. In 1952 Ralph Ellison wrote The Invisible Man, which is today considered one of the most compelling pieces of literature that portray African American society in the twentieth century. Ralph Ellison relates the story of an African American student from the south who then moves and works in New York. Being the narrator the protagonist of the story, he explains his experiences as an African American and describes his life as an “invisible man.” However, the concept of invisibility is used metaphorically to critique the white man’s perception of the African American society. While narrating the story of his life, the main character, who’s name is not mentioned in the story, reveals the social and intellectual issues that surround the African American community in the United States, including racism, African American nationalism and the importance of the negro’s identity. Because of the creation of an “invisible” character, Ralph Ellison is able to turn this in a social complaint related from the perspective of an African American. Ralph Ellison not only exposes the persistence of the white American society in ignoring the black community, but more importantly introduces his readers to important themes related to racial issues as the power of ideology, existentialism, the importance of individual identity, nationalism, and the power of self determination. The novel starts with the narrator letting the readers know he is…

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