Essay on The Invention Of Latin America

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Francisco Bilbao was a Chilean philosopher, writer, and political activist with radical liberal views who was politically active in the 1840’s through 1860’s. Francisco Bilbao’s “Iniciativa de la América: Idea de un Congreso Federal de las Repúblicas” was a speech given in Paris in June 22 of 1856. The speech was given to South Americans that were protesting against the United State’s recognition of the Walker Regime. It also advocated for Latin America, giving it the concept to form its own government and to disassociate itself from Europe. In regards to Michel Gobat’s “The Invention of Latin America: A Transnational History of Anti-Imperialism, Democracy, and Race”, the “Iniciativa de la América: Idea de un Congreso Federal de las Repúblicas” speech was used to exemplify how the term ‘Latin America’ was coined and both readings demonstrate how Latin America began forming its’ own identity during the uprising of Latin America. Gobat begins by stating that many scholars assume that the term ‘Latin America’ came from the French imperialist, but he makes note that term had been used before in 1856, during the exact protest that Bilbao’s speech was first heard. With Bilbao being very influential in politics, the idea of the ‘Latin race’ spread through the Western world of Europe. In the post-dictum of Bilbao’s speech he begins by stating that not only is there an alliance to secure the birth of the independence against the attempts of Europe, nor the vision of commercial…

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