The Internet Has A Boon Or Curse? Essay

930 Words Nov 5th, 2015 4 Pages
“The internet has been a boon and a curse”. As more people use social media sites there has been a progressive amount of cyberhate online. Cyber haters have taken over the online world with their dictatorial judgments. Stating explicit things, stating lies to harm someone 's reputation, stating threats or acts of harm all categorizes as what is known today as hate crimes. Social media has opened the door for cyber haters to commit the recurring hate crimes. The autonomy of social media allows people to participate in online hating because of the ability to be anonymous and the lack of regulations on what can be done online. Cyber heaters are attracted to use online sites as a way to hate on others because the lack of confrontation shields away from realize that their behavior is unjust. In a face to face scenario, people would be able to see and hear their victim’s reaction to the hateful comments. By the facial expressions and tone of the victim people are ultimately able to realize the ramifications of their actions. However by posting comments online, cyber haters can effortlessly be avoid physical confrontations allowing them to gain an upper advantage. However, the person who made the comment is given the satisfaction of being untouchable. The fear a person may have of saying their hateful comments directly to the person is gone when online. Online there is no regard for the feelings of their victims, since they are technically only speaking to a computer screen.…

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