The International Criminal Court Statute Essay

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The International Criminal Court (“ICC”) began to function on 1 July 2002 as soon as the Rome Statute was founded. The first treaty in the ICC is called the Rome Statute, this statute allows the ICC jurisdiction over four main crimes: war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity, and crime of aggression. The Rome Statute is also known as the International Criminal Court Statute; this was adopted in Rome on 17 July 1998 at a diplomatic conference. There are 124 states part of the treaty starting March 2016, this statute establishes jurisdiction, the court 's functions, and structure covering international issues. War crimes are defined under: “crimes committed against an enemy, prisoners of war, or subjects in wartime that violate international agreements or, as in the case of genocide, are offenses against humanity.” (Dictionary , 2016) The U.S. Code Title Chapter 118 § 2441 article 3 list the following as war crimes: torture, murder, mutilation, intentionally causing bodily harm, rape, sexual assault or abuse, taking hostages and cruel or inhuman treatment. This was determined 12 August 1949 in Geneva at an international convention. (Cornell Law, 2016) The U.S. Code Title 18 defines each of the war crimes as follow:
• Torture: Torture is an act by a person to inflict severe mental or physical pain to obtain information or a confession about a certain subject. An example of this would be is a soldier is captured and the enemy uses torture to find out where the rest of…

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