The International Coral Reef Initiative Essays

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Many people imagine a sea filled with beautiful color and an abundance of fish when picturing coral reefs, what they do not take into account is destroyed, bleached coral reefs with dying species of fish due to this destruction. This is why we need organizations who will put forth the effort necessary to rebuild and preserve these coral reefs. Many of these organizations lack in their abilities to help the coral reefs as result of the ineffective membership requirements that many of these organizations have. In distinction, the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) has many rules and regulations for required members of their non-profit organization. These requirements allows for more rigorous work and further advancement in helping the coral reefs. Though some may find the effort that goes into being a member of the International Coral Reef Initiative as tedious and unnecessary, by limiting membership availability to a qualified few, coral reef preservation efforts will increase in effectivity. Coral reefs are known for their beautiful colors and arrays of fish and sea creatures that inhabit them. They are not a simple luxury to human species, though it may often seem that way due the $9.6 billion tourism organizations profit off of allowing people to swim in them (“The Value of Corals”). In the scientific aspect, coral reefs are “colonies of individual animals” or better known as polyps (Cho). These polyps have small tentacles that feed on plankton at night, giving a…

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