Essay The Innocence And Innocence Project

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Unjust Convictions, it Could have Been You Have you ever felt like your parents have punished you unjustly, and you were mad because you couldn 't play with the other kids and it wasn 't even your fault? For some people this injustice is much worse, because instead of being grounded, they are spending their lives in prison for crimes that they didn 't even commit, some have even died without ever finding justice. Besides that is extremely difficult to prove someone 's innocence, although programs like The Innocence Project are fighting for these people; even if you accomplish such an ordeal how do you pay this people back, for the years they lost? How do you make it right? The Innocence Project, has tasked itself with proving people’s innocence by the use of DNA testing, which may have not been available at the time of the convictions. So far they have been successful, and have been able to get the affected people out of jail. It has been found that when the Innocence Project decides to take on a case, it sometimes can be a very hard and long process to prove someone’s innocence. In the case of Timothy Cole that process of proving his innocence took so long, that it actually transcended his death. Even though another convict, had sent repeated letters to the judges in charge admitting to Timothy’s supposed crime. Even with the single witness in Timothy’s case trying to prove him innocent, it still took years to free him of his charges. According to the witness in Timothy’s…

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