The Influences On A Troubled Plath Essay example

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The influences on a troubled Plath

The family life of Sylvia Plath from childhood to adulthood has a huge impact on the author during her years in writing poetry, including “Daddy” and “Lady Lazarus”. The author uses vivid imagery and depressing verbiage to make the reader wonder what kind of life difficulties did the author endure to place the characters in a place that was full of pain and suffering. This paper will examine the influences that played a part on the work of Sylvia Plath such as personality, historical events, the personal life events that took place and the uses of symbolism, metaphors and themes to portray and compare her personal pain to be more relatable to her readers.

From a young age author Sylvia Plath had a passion and a gift to write. “Plath was born to Aurelia Schober Plath and Otto Emil Plath who both had Germanic background “(Hall page 2). This information is of importance due to the fact that most of Sylvia Plath’s poems reflect back to her ancestry in some form especially in the form of imagery. At the young age of 8 Sylvia Plath had a verse published in Boston Herald
Barrier 2 about Crickets and Fireflies. As she grew she followed her talent and used poems as a way to express herself, to write about personal issues from the family life of dealing with death, depression, oppression and betrayal. These poems drove her to success as well to her depression since she was a perfectionist; she had to be the best at everything she did. She was her…

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