The Influences Of Benito Mussolini In World War II

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Being a leader may be extremely stressful, but is it to the point that they can no longer be original? Benito Mussolini is a very well known figure in World War II history. Mussolini being influenced started out when he was young and simply following the footsteps of his role models. Eventually, it led to when he was middle aged and inspired by other more powerful dictators. As others realized a country was under the control of a mere tool, Mussolini simply became the one others had used to indirectly govern Italy. Even as the dictator of Italy during World War II, Benito Mussolini wasn’t the best at coming up with new ideas due to being heavily influenced by the people around him. As a young child, Benito Mussolini had parents that were unable to properly discipline him and disregarded him for the most part. Although “[h]is father instilled him in a passion for socialist politics and a defiance against authority” (Early Life), that was it. He admired his father without really knowing anything else. All the while, Mussolini’s father had acted without really considering his child’s future. Of course, Benito’s father wasn’t the only one influencing …show more content…
For instance, ‘[he] forged the the paramilitary Fascist Movement during 1919-1921” (Benito Mussolini). Before Hitler had made Benito force the Fascist Party to be the largest party in the Italian government, Benito definitely came up with it himself. He gathered everything he had in order to create the Fascist Party. He was “[like] his sister, who was a member of the First Socialist International Party, [and] became a Socialist” (Early Years). Mussolini only followed the path toward politics his family already paved. His father had also already taught him about defiance against authority when he didn’t like being told what to do, so Mussolini created the party that mainly he could benefit from. In the end, he never really came up with something by

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