How Does The Kite Runner Influence Amir's Life

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In The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Amir faced a great deal of confusion throughout his life, and he needed someone to guide him through everything that life threw his way. Rahim Khan became that person for Amir. Rahim Khan influenced Amir’s life in many ways from encouraging his writing to being his greatest mentor, he had always been there for Amir. The unpredictable twists and turns of Amir’s life are better controlled when Rahim is around to help.
Rahim saw that Amir enjoyed the simple things in life like writing and poetry. He even encouraged Amir to pursue a writing career. One night as Rahim and Baba were smoking in the lounge Amir came up to them and urged Baba to read his story, but Baba did not respond with any interest to read
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Rahim even confronted Baba on the treatment of his son, “Children aren’t coloring books. You don’t get to fill them with your favorite colors” (21). Baba knew that Amir and Rahim had always had a deep connection with each other and he strived to feel that same connection. Baba was jealous of their connection and went so far as to buy Amir a kite from the best kitemaker in town, Saifo, to provide Amir with happiness that he was not able to convey to him. Yet, Rahim still triumphed over Baba as Amir’s mentor. One night while Baba was sitting in his study with Rahim, Baba said, “there’s a fondness between you and him” (23). Rahim seemed to understand Amir better than anyone and he understood than Amir strived for love and belongingness so he used the term, jan, on him frequently for it was a term of endearment. Amir felt appreciated when Rahim referred to him as jan because Baba never used any words of endearment on Amir. Amir responded happily whenever Rahim was involved in his life. He knew that Amir was not a fighter so he told him that just because he did not stand up for himself against bullies like Assef that he was not any less of a person than anyone else. Amir also did not compete in soccer which is looked upon as a very masculine game. This caused him to be teased, but Rahim was right there to comfort Amir and reassure him that he was a wonderful person. Rahim felt somewhat obligated to be there for Amir in tough times because he saw how difficult it was for Baba to comfort him. Amir felt Rahim’s love for him and he sometimes, “wished Rahim Khan had been my father” (32) because he was always there for him at times when Baba was

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