The Inequality Of The Sower By Octavia Butler Essay

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Every country around the world has economic inequality within it. The income inequality encountered in the United States in ranked sixty four in the world. The economic inequality divided in the United States has a major impact on three factors: social class, education and power amongst the citizens. The economic inequality seen in “Parable of the Sower” by Octavia Butler reflects on how separation between poor, middle and rich class lead to a dystopian future. “Inequality for all” examines how economic inequality can impact social classes such as upper, middle and lower class. Middle class averts class disparity between the rich and poor evading segregation. The middle class serves as a buffer between a functional society and a dystopian society.
Economic inequality has been around for many years and has been drastically affecting many since the 1970’s. Typical workers would make around $38 thousand a year and the typical 1% would make $678 thousand a year. Starting in 2010 the typical 1% was getting more than twice as before. Today the richest 400 Americans have more wealth than half the population of the United States. The U.S. has the most unequal distribution of income and wealth; they are going towards even greater inequality. In 1928 and 2007 were the two peek years for income concentration, a year after 1928 and 2007 there was the great crash, as income got more and more concentrated in fewer hand the wealthy turned to the financial and the financial sector boomed,…

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