The Inequality Of The Sky Rocketing Consumer Demand Essay

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The sky-rocketing consumer demand in the United States throughout recent years has led to world financial domination by enterprises such as Microsoft, Apple, Disney, Time Warner, etc. Historically, United States businesses have sought innovative ways of maximizing profit while minimizing production cost. It is a concept that has been continually exploited by numerous entrepreneurs. As businesses have persistently pushed for new ways of keeping low production costs, they have exploited the ideology of job outsourcing and industry monopolization. The low production cost and exponentially rising selling prices have led many businesses to dominate a considerable part of the nation 's wealth, resulting in a humongous financial gap between the wealthy and middle to lower class citizens. As stated in the documentary Inequality for All, the gap in wealth distribution has been a partial result from these monopolized enterprises playing a major role in the political sector which allows them to continue their dominance. The gap in society 's financial wealth has drastically increased and is expected to continually grow as world population and consumer demand adjacently grow (Martel).
The ideology of heavy taxation on the wealthiest in order to decrease in the widening gap and thus promote economic growth is often argued and implemented due to taxations being utilized for social programs that help sustain consumer demand. However, the argument of lower taxation on the wealthiest…

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