The Inequality Of Modern Society Essay

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As stable middle class jobs are steadily shipped overseas, mechanized, and replaced with low paid, part time work, the American male has lost his ability to comfortably support a family and has therefore lost part of his masculine identity. Faludi contends that “to be a man increasingly [means] being ever on the rise” (Faludi 11). In the past, hard work ensured steady, if slow, improvement; many people would work at the same company for the majority of their careers with reliable raises and a certain future. However, modern society has made jobs inconsistent. A recent paper published by Princeton University finds that “long-term employment is on the decline in the United States” ( As job volatility has increased, the ability of the common male to achieve steady growth has fallen. Thus, the pictures chosen further display the inequality of modern society. Only the rich have a comfortable job in which to achieve the masculine ideal. The common man however, is ever at risk of losing work and being forced into a demeaning minimum wage job, unable to provide for even himself. Besides being a core component of the male paradigm, reliable and respectable work is crucial to accomplishing other tenets of manhood such as owning a house and providing for a family. As a result of the decline in such work, the modern male is unable to achieve these key elements of masculinity, and is further distanced from the ideal of manhood.
The frontier of the modern man is isolated…

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