The Industrial Revolution Of 19th Century Britain Essay

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During the Industrial Revolution of 19th century Britain, many people suffered the hardships of going from farmers to factory workers. Men, women, and children worked from early in the morning to late at night every day in the mines and in the factories. The ramifications the Industrial Revolution had on the people were dreadful. Men, women, and children worked in harsh conditions for long hours in factories and mines that most of the time weren’t safe to work in. Through the later years of the 19th century, unions were formed and laws were passed to make life working in a factory or a mine easier on the people. When the Industrial Revolution began, many people raced to work in these brand new factories. Many families moved to work in these factories thinking they would have a better life, but during the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, many new machines, such as the wheat thresher, were now doing the job that once took many workers to do. These workers were soon out of a job and had no choice but to move their families into the cities in order to work in the factories and workshops. The whole family would soon end up working in the factories just to earn more money than what little they did earn. The conditions in these factories were terrible a lot of the time, though sometimes they were manageable. The men and women would work long grueling hours just to make little earnings, with men making about 10-15 shillings per week and women making only 5 shillings per week.…

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