The Industrial Revolution During The 19th Century Essay example

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The industrial revolution in the 19th century marks a major turning point in the American history and affected the daily life of American people in almost every aspect. One of them was change in the transportation routes and means that dramatically improved national mobility. New and improved transportation technology made it easier, cheaper, and quicker to transport the raw materials and finished products across America thanks to first national roads, innovation of steamboats, new canal development, and finally the railroad revolution. Americans were aware that improvement of transportation network would increase land values, encourage domestic and foreign trade, and strengthen the American economy.

The need for better roads appear as a major problem in late 18th century as the old existing one built in colonial and revolutionary era became obstructed by fallen trees, soaked my mud, and wore down making them soft. Some roads were in such a bed condition that travellers paid money to farmers to ride them through their field being afraid to be stuck in the holes. In 18th century the government had little to do with road construction, for they were built privately and owned by joint-stock companies that sold stock to raise construction capital. This situation changes in 1808 when the government sponsor report suggested that the construction of the new interstate turnpikes and canals should be fund by the federal government. Even though this suggestion…

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